The start of Auto Chess game on Mobile devices

The folks over at Drodo Studio - creators of the immensely popular Auto Chess custom mode for Dota 2 - have struck a deal with Chinese publisher Dragonest to bring the game to mobile. The twist? It's no longer connected to the Dota universe, for what we presume are legally tricky reasons.

That means Auto Chess mobile doesn’t feature any of Dota’s heroes or themes, but it retaines all of the mechanics players have come to know and love. What’s more, Drodo Studio have teamed up with ImbaTV - the folks responsible for bringing us some of Dota’s biggest events.

You might ask what are the difference between these version of Auto Chess

You need to know that Auto Mobile Chess is a brand new game published by Drodo Studios but they still work support the Dota 2 framework with subtle differences in the app to make it more unique.

The first bad difference we saw when playing the game was the missing of Gods, this is a huge loss for the game universe as a lot of synergies and good team combination are not viable in this version

The two key differences we noticed in the new version of the game compared to the last update release by Dota are the controls, which of course are brand new given the fact that we are dealing with a mobile app. The other difference is the cast of characters at your disposal, the heroes.

At first sight, you will get the impression of playing a Dota Auto Chess game as usual only with a whole new set of skins for the characters. But the gameplay will reveal just how different it is from his previous iteration. If you know how to handle the Dota version, this one will prove familiar, but not the same at all.


Dota Auto Chess is a turn-based tactical strategy game that pits you against seven other players in round after round of resource-management action – you won't need any APM to compete here, as all the units do battle on their own after you place them.

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Players begin simply by picking a single unit from a selection of five. After that, options expand rapidly as the game gets under way, as your population cap and unit choices grow larger. You can pick any units you like as long as you have the gold and space, and that's where team-composition strategy comes in. Putting units of the same race and class together has powerful and often game-deciding effects. For instance, a team stacked with mages will cause the opposing team's magic resistance to greatly decrease, meaning your spells will absolutely ravage them. Assassin stacks get giant crits, knights get shields, mechs regen, hunters get massive damage boosts – you get the idea. Mixing and matching race/class combinations to stack all kinds of bonuses and effects is critical to success. Other race/class combos offer more interesting synergy, like druids being able to "rank up" using fewer units than others. Ranking up is an important aspect of the game and another layer of strategy, as it makes your characters much more powerful.

Basic concept and some information about the game features

Ranking Up and Funds

To rank up, you'll need three of the same unit, which is made more difficult if everyone in your game is trying to play the same races/classes, so it's to your benefit to try and seek out lesser-played characters in order to rank them up easier. Everyone draws from the same unit pool, so if everyone wants to stack mages, those players will crumble easily as they struggle to rank up units while the knight player gets all the uncontested rank ups to themselves.

In addition to attempting to forge the best team, keeping an eye on your funds is critical. You get money from wins, win streaks, lose streams, and interest each round. You can sandbag early on and take some losses and damage to try to get a big interest stack kicking, but try and tempt fate too much and you may lose the game before your big stack of cash starts providing meaningful dividends.

Each round you face a random opponent from whoever is remaining in the game, until there's only one left standing. Placing in the top three will net you some candy, which you can use to unlock cosmetics you can use from game to game. After a few games, you'll also get a ranking based on chess pieces, like pawn, knight, or bishop, and this will go up and down as you continue to play games.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Before we begin with the overview of the app and the differences, it’s worth saying that Drodo came out with a statement that they would continue supporting the Dota 2 mod. In fact, right now Dota Auto Chess is a few balance versions ahead of the app, which adds a level of frustration when you’re playing the game on your phone.

There are, generally speaking, two big differences you need to get used to on the mobile app. The first one is the controls, the second one – the heroes. The mobile app controls are quite intuitive (drag and drop), so I’ll say more about the differences:


Items: You can combine items instantly. You don’t even have to put the last component on the hero - when you click on the item, the game sees that you have the needed components and you can upgrade with a click instantly.

Upgrading heroes: if you have two heroes on the bench and a third one on the field, an “upgrade” button appears above the unit, which makes upgrading units a bit more convenient.


Upgrading heroes: The upgrade button has one big drawback, however. With Auto-Combine active on the PC, you can buy a third unit without having a slot on the bench, and it will instantly upgrade. You cannot do that on the mobile app, however. You need to put the new unit on the bench or field for the “upgrade” button to appear, which means it’s much harder to roll the shop and upgrade units during the round.

Bench Management: Drag and drop is very intuitive, but it is much slower than the PC controls which allow you to throw units to the bench and sell them with a single click. This means that rolling the shop multiple times while taking some units from the bench to the field to increase your chances and upgrade units quicker is much, much harder to do.

About Hero system - what is new?

The new models and names, however, could make it very confusing in your first several games on the mobile app. It’s very easy to miss units you are searching for simply because they are not that easy to recognize so it’s easier to learn to recognize the races because they follow a visual theme and are easy to remember. For example, if you remember that the Elves are the white guys with feathers (called Feathered), it’s easier to recognize the individual units based on the cost and class.

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