How to use Auto Chess Hack tool - Updated for June 2019

Although our software is relatively easy to use, our team put together a quick guide that will help even the most clueless user make remarkable progress through the game. Note that this guide is updated for the latest version of the tool (compatible with the current beta iteration of the mobile game). The current state of the popular game made it easy for us to get into their database and treat ourselves with currency units from the store. Our tool guarantees the security of your account by encrypting every relevant piece of information such as gamertags and email addresses.

Step One: download the game for your Android or iOS device

Get into Google Play or App Store and download the latest version of Auto Chess Mobile Game

Step Two: login or register to our site

In order to gain access to our tool, any user must first have a registered account on our site. Register for free and you can enjoy up to 3 trials a day. This limit is required in order to keep your account safe and make sure no one is being reckless about it.

Step Three: access the Auto Chess Hack tool page

Upon completing the steps mentioned above you will now gain access to the program.


This is not as difficult as one might expect. All you really need to do is type your email address and player name into their respective fields. When it comes to how you can increase the currency of your account there are two available options: select a custom number of donuts and candies or select a number of donuts and candies that can also be bought via the in-game Store.

Although you can add more currency when using the first option, the second one comes with a big advantage: security. Selecting and adding a number of free donuts and free candies which is also available in the Store makes the process safer - and that is the option we recommend. After that all that is left is to select the region (or server) you are from and you should be good to go.

Step Four: give the program a few minutes

This should not take long, so sit tight and prepare for your next battle


Take a look on our video: How to use Dota 2 Auto Chess Hack